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The Doctoral Program Review is conducted in five-year intervals by the National Academy of Kinesiology. The review process, which had its origins in 1995, was developed carefully over a period of three years, piloted in 1998, discussed and revised extensively at Academy meetings, and piloted again in 2000. The first official rankings were posted in 2005, covering the period from 2001-2004 and the second rankings were posted in 2010 and cover the period 2005-2009. The third review and ranking will cover the years 2010 through 2014 and be posted in 2015.

For a list of Doctoral Programs, click on "Doctoral Programs" below.

To view the results for both periods, click on "Results" below

To view a history of the Doctoral Program Review, click on "History" below.

NAK's 2010-2014 Doctoral Evaluation in Progress

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