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Academy Papers No. 2 1969

Theoretical Propositions and Implications for Practice

St. Louis, Missouri


Theoretical Propositions of A Curriculum Design for Health Education

By William H. Creswell, Jr.


Implications from Curriculum Theory for Physical Education

By Ann E. Jewett


Reaction to Theoretical Propositions for Curriculum Design in Health Education and Implications for the curriculum in Physical Education

By Louis E. Alley


Research in Physical Education: Hypotheses

By W.D. Van Huss


Implications for Practice: Research

By Marjorie U. Wilson


Reaction to Research Papers: Hypotheses and Implications for Practice

By Celeste Ulrich


Theoretical Propositions for the Administration of Physical Education and Athletics

By Earle F. Zeigler


Implications for the Practice of Administration

By Donna Mae Miller


Reactions to Theoretical Propositions and Implications for the Practice of Administration

By Lynn W. McCraw


Academy Banquet Address

By Catherine L. Allen


The President’s Address

By Margaret G. Fox


Academy Awards and Citations


Response to the Hetherington Award Presentation

By Elwood Craig Davis


Introductory Remarks to New Fellows

By Ruth M. Wilson


R. Tait McKenzie Memorial Lecture


Roster, American Academy of Physical Education

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